History of Saugus, MA

History of Saugus MA is rich in cultural, sporting and historic events. It has been referred as the “Greenwich Village of the East Coast” due to the high concentration of independent and ethnic restaurants, shops, bistros, art galleries, coffee houses and other cultural centers. This small town is a true melting pot of various cultures with over 25% of the population being of more than one ethnic background. The town of Saugus was incorporated as a city in 1900, the same year the first ferryboat docks in Boston.

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The town of Saugus MA is located on the historic Waterworks Park in the state of Massachusetts. The park features an eighteen-mile long strand of the Mystic River that flows through the city. This section of the river has developed into one of the most beautiful natural townships in the entire country. The town hosts annual festivals such as the Jazz Festival, the oldest continually running, as well as numerous Parades. Among the parades are the longest running St. Lawrence Bike Rally, with over two hundred participants.

History of Saugus MA is rich in the history of its peoples and early settlers. The townspeople were originally Puritan immigrants who founded the first church in the area, the Congregational Church. The church was burned down in 1835 by a mob but the rebuilding of the structure has been ongoing since then. As the town grew, the population was mixed with native American, Italian and German immigrants. Today, the majority of Saugus residents are of Italian and German descent. The city is also home to many interesting historical sites such as the Old North Church and the Seaport Village.



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