Landmarks in Saugus, MA

Visitors and residents in Saugus, Massachusetts understand the importance of preserving the rich historical and cultural heritage that has characterized the area for centuries. In fact, property in the city is protected by both the city and state and private entities such as schools, churches, businesses, and parks. In keeping with this commitment to quality and maintenance, many historic landmarks have been safeguarded through the help of Landmarks in Saugus.

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Among the featured Landmarks in Saugus are the following: The Old North Church located on the corner of Main Street at the intersection of Beach Avenue, The Breyer House which served as the birthplace of John Hancock, and The National Maritime Society building which serve as the National Maritime Museum. All of these buildings and others that are featured in Landmarks in Saugus were constructed during the period of American history that includes The Great Depression. Today, these buildings are operated by the City of Saugus. The preservation of these historic sites is a part of the ongoing mission of Landmarks in Saugus.

Landmarks in Saugus MA include such notables as the Bank of Saugus, The Breyer House, and The Old North Church. In addition to these three buildings, other significant landmarks in the historic district are The Park District, The Breyer State Historic Site, The Wild Wadi Water Park, The South Maui Theater, The Historic Candle Company, The Whale Watching House, and Middletown. All of these buildings are part of a system of landmarks that preserve the past while continuing to attract new visitors. The Park district features exhibits and activities that entertain both children and adults. For children, there are rides and games at the Wild Wadi Water Park; nature programs at the Breyer House; and educational visits to The Old North Church. The Park District also collaborates with other local and state organizations to preserve natural habitat, historical landmarks, and recreational opportunities within the area.

In keeping with the goal of protecting the past, many of these buildings were restored and remain structurally sound. In many cases, they have only been lightly refurbished to make them appear as attractive as possible. In others, brick has only been replaced with durable plastic or vinyl. It is these faceless structures that give the historic district its character, allowing visitors to appreciate the area without having to learn about its heritage. These faceless buildings also create a sense of openness and transparency for those who are just visiting.

Because the City of Saugus MA has allowed so many visitors to come to its beautiful area, it has worked hard to accommodate the needs of those who decide to visit. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations right in the area, making it easy for visitors to find an area hotel and arrange a reservation. Those who enjoy staying in the more than three hundred rooms that are located in the Historic District are also in a great location, as the area is only minutes from the many attractions of the island. Landmarks in Maui that also house guesthouses make it easy for visitors to find a place to stay while they explore the Historic District.

Landmarks in Saugus MA also offer many opportunities for outdoor activities. Swimming, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and jet skiing can all be enjoyed in the beautiful scenic waters surrounding Maui. Those who prefer to stay dry may want to take advantage of the open water swimming areas, which are both maintained and patrolled by the state of Hawaii. Maui is also minutes from the many beaches, pubs, clubs, and hot spots that are found in the cities of Oahu and Makaha. As you can see, there are many options when it comes to staying in the Historic district, and Landmarks in Saugus MA will ensure that your stay will be a comfortable and memorable experience.


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