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Q: I recently replaced a windshield for a friend and was wondering if you had any advice you could give me on the subject. Thank you! Also, I recently had a windshield repaired and now I am wondering if that will have any impact on my insurance premiums. Thank you!

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A: Yes, you may wish to contact your insurance company about the issue, specifically pertaining to auto glass replacement. When a windshield is replaced, it is typically covered by your insurance. However, this will depend on the type of windshield replacement you had done. Typically, your insurance will cover the repair or replacement of the windshield in this instance, as long as you made the choice to have it replaced rather than repaired. However, you will want to contact your insurance company before embarking upon this repair process to ensure that it will not raise your rates. Typically, the insurance company will require that you have the entire windshield replaced, including the frame, and the glass that covers the windows.


In addition, many states do have laws that require the motorist that has their car repaired or replaced to also obtain a new license plate or bumper sticker. The reason behind this requirement is that windshield replacement can increase the risk of causing an accident. Therefore, if your insurance company agrees that the replacement of the windshield will decrease your risk, they likely will also agree that you should also have a personalized license plate or bumper sticker to further insure the safety of all motorists. (Keep in mind, these personalized stickers usually cost quite a bit more than the traditional glass stickers.)


Now, some vehicle glass experts argue that even if it does reduce your risk of an accident, that doesn’t mean you should replace the windshield on your vehicle. They also point out that in order for you to truly benefit from having your windshield replaced, you would have to drive without the windshield. However, most vehicle glass experts will tell you that you can greatly benefit from a new windshield even if you don’t drive your vehicle. For one, it will give you a more secure ride since you won’t be squinting in order to see through the glass. Also, the new windshield will also provide better visibility throughout the day, which will allow you to get to work, school, or run errands more easily.


If you are wondering how this all works, it basically comes down to the fact that most insurance companies will offer a discount for auto glass replacement. If you have your insurance policy with them, ask them if you qualify. Many times, insurance companies will offer discounts for things like being a senior, having a handicap, or simply having a clean driving record. If you have questions about whether or not you would qualify for any of these discounts, you may want to speak with your agent directly. He or she may be able to tell you what discounts you are currently receiving and help you find out if you would qualify for one of them. In some cases, you may even be able to get a hefty discount simply because you have multiple vehicles insured through the same company.


When searching for insurance companies, you will likely come across many who only deal with windshield replacement services. Since they handle all of the repairs and replacements, they will be one of the best places to start. In addition to getting the job done right, insurance companies also make sure that you get the best value possible by keeping your windshield repaired at its highest quality. This is done in an effort to keep out any fraudulent service provider who may try to take advantage of you.


If you already have an insurance company and you are looking for glass repair advice, your best bet would probably be to search online. There is a wealth of information available on windshield replacement on the internet. Many times, there will even be videos available for you to watch so that you can get a good idea of what is involved and what the job entails. You can also get valuable advice from other drivers who have completed similar jobs as you need. No matter where you turn, there is no shortage of honest and helpful people online willing to help.


Auto glass replacement should never be rushed, but it certainly can be done right. Insurance companies understand this fact and that is why they often offer great discounts if you choose to have it done right the first time. By taking some precautions when looking for glass replacement, you can ensure that you get the lowest rates possible.

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