Annual Events in Englewood Cliffs a Neighborhood in Englewood, NJ

Every year, the city of Englewood Cliffs has an annual celebration. The event is a parade and usually includes many floats with great themes like Halloween or Christmas! If you are interested in seeing a real American tradition, come to this event every year for some fun!

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Climbing Rocks:  One thing that not everyone knows about Englewood NJ is that there are rocks on top of one another at least 50 feet high. They call these climbing rocks because they can be used as natural rock climbing walls. Visitors have been coming out here since 1955 to climb them so it’s very popular among locals too. This park has over 40 different types of trees which makes it a beautiful place to walk around while enjoying nature free from any worry.

The Englewood Cliffs NJ Fire Department: The fire department in this town is very active and always making sure that everyone stays safe throughout the year. They make it a priority to have one of their trucks out every day so they are prepared for any emergency situation! If you ever need help, be sure to contact them because they will get there as soon as possible to save your life or someone else’s too.

Engelwood-Cliffs Chamber of Commerce: Another annual event here is an art show where many different types of artwork can be seen from up close by visitors like yourself! This has been going on since 1946 which means that generations have grown up seeing how talented artists really are when given space and time to create.

Englewood NJ and the Arts: The city of Englewood Cliffs is made up of many different arts groups that meet every week to discuss their upcoming performances, plan fundraisers, or just share any new ideas they have for the future! If you are looking for a more creative environment then this might be what you need because it’s filled with people who love art as much as you do.

The High Point Theater: This theater has been around since 1929 which means it’s one of the oldest theaters in New Jersey still standing today! It was built by Adolph Zukor and Jesse Lasky so if Hollywood producers know anything about entertainment than this would definitely be worth your time checking out.