Annual Events in LynnHurst a Neighborhood in Saugus, MA

The first annual event of the year is always Easter. The homes are decorated with fresh flowers and pastel colors around the property to give it that extra spring feel. Families gather for an afternoon brunch, eggs benedict or pancakes and then enjoy egg hunting all throughout the neighborhood while wearing their best bunny ears!

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If you’re lucky enough to find one of those golden chocolate bunnies hiding somewhere, make sure not to peek at its contents before you come back home because they might be just about anywhere from our front lawns right into your neighbor’s house.

The second annual event of the year for our neighborhood is Memorial Day. Families come together and have a picnic with BBQ, burgers and hotdogs then gather at around sunset to pay tribute to those lost in service by placing flags across all of our properties that line either side of Maple Street.

An evening tradition we hope never fades away! If anything it’s become even more important now because so many people are serving overseas defending us every day back home. We’re thankful for these brave men and women but know they will always be missed dearly too.