Annual Events Pelican a Neighborhood in Cape Coral, FL

In the Pelican neighborhood in Cape Coral FL, you will find annual events that bring people to this area and highlight its history. The first of these is the Turtle Fest. This event takes place on Saturday, March 25th from 11-12 pm at North Shore Park near First Street SE or Historic Downtown Square where locals get together for all types of games like turtle races, egg hunts, fishing contests as well as a cookout dinner with live music by Jeff Daniel and Friends.

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From May 15th through June 30th there are also monthly gatherings hosted by CRAC (Cape Coral Area Council) called “Pelican Dime Night” which open their meeting hall doors every third Thursday evening beginning at 1800 hours to host an informal gathering for residents of Cape Coral to share and enjoy their common interests.

– Turtle Fest: Saturday March 25th, 11 am – 12 pm North Shore Park near First Street SE or Historic Downtown Square

– Pelican Dime Night: Third Thursday evening each month 1800 hours at CRAC (Cape Coral Area Council) meeting hall doors

Beachside Barbecue Block Party is another event that highlights this neighborhood in Cape Coral FL. This annual summertime event happens on the last Sunday afternoon of every month from 1300 until 1700 with great live music by The Grills Brothers and lots of casual food while families get together.