Beginner Tips for Your Auto Glass Business

If you are looking to make some money, or just want to do something on the side, than we have some beginner tips for your auto glass installation business. The fact is that when it comes to glass installation, there are so many different options out there, and it can be confusing knowing which ones will work best for you. However, these tips below should help you decide which glass installation company you want to go with.

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First, decide what type of company that you want to be. Is it specialty glass? Is it a brand name company? Is it an experienced distributor? All of these choices should be taken into consideration before deciding on the company that you want to do business with.


Next, look at the type of glass installation that they do. Are they skilled in installing just windshields, or are they skilled in working with all different types of glass such as carports, and sliding glass doors. Ask them how many years of experience they have in the field. This information should be easily gained from their website. Also, inquire about training seminars they may be hosting in the area where you live.


Ask them what type of equipment they use. This includes special tools that are used when making certain types of glass. It is also important to find out if they offer cleaning and polishing services. Depending on what type of glass you are dealing with, this could help you determine what other services they may be able to provide.


See if the company also insures against damage due to weather, such as hail, rain, snow, and sun. Many companies only insure themselves against liability. They may also require you to purchase an insurance policy through them, or include it in the price of your installation quote. If you purchase your insurance through them, it can often save you money since many companies will pay your claims.


A company’s reputation is an indicator of how skilled they are at what they do. Call around to local dealerships to see which ones they recommend dealing with. You can also research online to find customer reviews. When dealing with customers, see if they have any complaints and if those are similar to your own experiences.


You can also learn from your peers in the industry. If you have worked in the glass installation business for years, you can gain valuable beginner tips for your auto glass business by talking to experienced installers. These people will likely have more knowledge about glass replacement than you, so it is important to listen carefully.


Finally, you can get beginner tips for your auto glass business from experienced installers as well. Many installers will be willing to give you advice on how to run a successful business. In addition, your friends and colleagues who have recently started in the business may have some good advice to share. By networking with others, you can quickly learn how to make the business work for you and be on your way to making a great living.


Before installing windshields, however, you should develop a quality customer service program. As your business starts to grow, you will probably have more installers coming to your shop. Since you will probably receive work orders from these installers, you must be able to quickly respond and guarantee that the work will be done on time and right the first time. The customer must always feel comfortable with the service staff at your shop.


In addition, since installers will probably do several installations each week, your customer’s satisfaction is essential. The customer’s satisfaction means the installer’s satisfaction. It is a good idea to conduct training sessions with your employees to help them understand the installation process and customer expectations. Your goal should be to keep your customer’s experience a positive one.


Once the customer’s visit to your shop has ended, the installer must bring their paperwork to the customer’s location. Once this paperwork is received and reviewed by the customer, the installers must take their own digital camera or video camera to the customer’s location and take photographs of the vehicle and/or windshield. This documentation can then be stored in a secure online storage facility. If the customer opts to purchase a windshield replacement, the new windshield must be ordered using the same online ordering system. You can then print off all of the customer’s customer information and pictures.


You may also need to update the paperwork in order to keep track of the sales and profits for the glass business. You can contact the Internal Revenue Service for more information. The I-9 website can also be used to obtain more information. Once you have updated your paperwork, you must keep it current. This ensures that you are on the right path to making your profits grow.

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