Benefits Living in Englewood, NJ

If you are considering a move to Englewood, NJ for the first time or as an existing resident in need of new property information. The following list provides important insights into what makes this city special and how it differs from other cities nearby;

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* There is plenty of green space around town with two large parks and nearly 50 acres of parkland within the City limits.

– Some residents enjoy fishing at these locations while others prefer playing sports such as tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer field hockey and more!

* Residents also have access to free amenities like playgrounds that offer swingsets and slides which provide hours upon hours of fun for children aged infant through 12 years old!

* Townhomes range in size and often have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms so they are perfect for families.

* The commute to NYC is short at just over one hour away by train or car which means residents can enjoy the best of both worlds!

* Residents also have access to a beautiful waterfront with a scenic view, boat docks, fish markets, an outdoor concert venue as well as public parks located on the water’s edge.

There are also many great schools in town including private academies that offer academic curriculums like Montessori and Waldorf education along with excellent sports programs such as football, softball and soccer leagues where your children will be able to develop their own skills while socializing with peers from around town.