Benefits Living in Fairway Village a Neighborhood in Largo, FL

Living in Largo FL is a great opportunity. Families, individuals and business owners are drawn to the area because of its natural beauty. The city has more than 50 miles of canals for excellent boating and fishing opportunities; there’s also an abundance of parks so you don’t have to go far from your home if you want some peace and quiet.

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The climate here is perfect for year-round living – it never gets too hot or cold thanks to the Gulf Stream ocean breeze that keeps things at a comfortable temperature all day long (and night). There are two seasons: wet season (May through October) when hurricanes may come into play, but otherwise this time tends be dry with cooler temperatures; and dry season (November through April) when the weather is warmer and plentiful.

The schools in Largo are top-notch, including Gulf Beaches Elementary School which features a dual language program that teaches children English as well as Spanish from an early age so they can excel with two languages at once. There’s also Clearwater Christian College for post high school education if you’re interested in attending a religious institution.