Benefits Living in Faulkner a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

Faulkner is a neighborhood located in Malden, Massachusetts. The Neighborhood of Faulkner has many benefits to offer its residents and potential new homeowners including:

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-A diverse population with affordable housing options available on the market

-Diverse local businesses that benefit from proximity to major highways as well as access to public transportation routes

Additionally, there is a large selection of retailers in the area who offer many goods to its residents and visitors alike including retail chains like Barnes & Noble Booksellers that offers books along with other home furnishings as well as clothing stores such as Macy’s which sells anything from clothes for kids to bags, shoes, cosmetics or men’s wear among others.

Located within close proximity to major highways I-93 and Route 18, Faulkner residents are also able to access public transportation routes easily using Malden Square Station on the MBTA rapid transit system median green line train stop at 275 Pleasant Street while those living near Central Avenue can use commuter rail service via the Norfolk Southern route at 411 Ballardvale Street.

Along with these benefits, the neighborhood offers many other housing options for a variety of budgets and lifestyles including single family homes, duplexes or three-family buildings as well as potential properties to lease such as private apartments and townhouses which offer additional amenities like onsite laundry facilities or in-unit parking spaces.