Benefits Living in Mapplewood a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

Mapplewood is the perfect place to call home if you want a close-knit community. With over 20,000 people living in Mapplewood and just about 100 households on average per square mile, it’s not uncommon for neighbors to know each other well. This gives residents of Mapplewood an easy sense of security knowing that they can always rely on their neighbor should anything go wrong during the day or night.

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The convenient location has many benefits as well. It’s less than five miles from Newton Centre where Mass Pike and Route 128 intersect which makes getting around Boston very simple since all major highways are nearby. The downtown area with shops and restaurants is only minutes away by car or bus leaving renters plenty of options when looking for something new to do.

Just a few blocks from the Mapplewood border is Riverside Linear Park which offers an ideal route for walking, running or biking on any day of year with plenty of trees and water views along the way. The park also features sculpted garden areas where visitors can be assured they’ll find peace and solitude.

Mapplewood residents have access to even more wonderful outdoor space at Ralph Howard Memorial Park which includes a large pond with ducks that are always happy to greet newcomers who might not know about this hidden gem yet but it’s only minutes away by car since it sits just on the other side of Route 20 in Malden MA.