Benefits Living in Pelican a Neighborhood in Cape Coral, FL

Pelican is a neighborhood in Cape Coral FL with an ideal mix of features. It offers both natural beauty and proximity to schools, parks, shopping centers and other amenities. The location makes it easy for residents to access their favorite stores or enjoy the sunsets at nearby beachfront properties. Residents also have quick access to I-75 which provides them with convenient connections across Southwest Florida as well as Interstate 75 northward into Georgia.

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Residents enjoy living in Pelican because they can easily work from home thanks to its close proximity to major highways that are perfect for commuters who want the convenience of working remotely while maintaining a quality lifestyle without having too many miles on their car each day. Its thriving residential communities offer beautiful houses that provide plenty of living space to meet the needs of any family.

Pelican has a variety of recreational opportunities for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, jogging or fishing in one of its many parks and lakes. Children can play at local playgrounds without worrying about traffic because they are neatly tucked away from busy streets that lead directly into town where parents have easy access to shopping centers, work places and schools all while living peacefully in their neighborhoods.

In addition, Pelican provides residents with plenty of green spaces thanks to its natural beauty including lush trees lining the neighborhood’s sidewalks which make it feel like home even when walking outside during hot summer months!