City Parks in Cambridge, MA

What can you do in the city parks in Cambridge, Massachusetts? You can enjoy a cool afternoon on a bike ride, a stroll through the historical Museum of History or you can hit the video game store. The city has several parks and green areas to offer, and the residents are more than happy to let you use them for whatever activity you wish. Even if you have children, they will love the outdoor play that is available.

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The Family Centennial Park is one of the city parks in Cambridge that is home to many activities for people of all ages. You will find walking trails, picnic tables, playgrounds, a pavilion, a basketball court and an interactive children’s play area. The park has a beautiful setting, and the large playground is a great place for parents to take their children for a safe and educational experience. If you are not sure where to begin or what to do with your family while in town, this is definitely the place to start.

Another one of the city parks in Cambridge that offers things for children to do is the Wollaston Park. This park is very much like Disney World for families. Children will love the fire tower and water park, which are built for the youngsters. You can bring the family to the park at any time of the day. There are several locations throughout the park that are themed with houses and people.

If you are looking for a different type of attraction, you can go to the Newton Park. It is a great place for families to get away and have some fun. There are three playground areas to choose from, with a carousel, slides, a giant Jumper, as well as numerous other rides. There is a pavilion that overlooks the park so that park goers can see the grounds. This park offers entertainment, as well as picnic and barbecue facilities.

The LaPoint Park is located in Cambridge. The park is surrounded by beautiful trees, ponds, and it has a lake. It has a playground, swimming pool, as well as picnic and play areas. You will also find a pond in the area. The playground area has brick circles, as well as a jump ramp.

If you are trying to take a break from the busy city, and you want to get some R, you should try some of the city parks in Cambridge. The parks offer a variety of activities for you and your family. They are great places for children to play and to enjoy. Stop by today, and find out for yourself!


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