City Parks in Englewood, NJ

City Parks in Englewood New Jersey is a popular recreation destination for residents of Englewood, New Jersey. Located on the border of New Jersey and Atlantic City, this town sits on the shores of Lake Hudson. The residents of Englewood enjoy a temperate climate, with yearly rainfall of around seven hundred nine millimeters. The city has many parks, beaches and other recreational activities, such as ice skating.

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One of the most popular parks in Englewood is Englewood City Park. The sixty-one acres of park space is divided into areas for running, walking, picnicking, swimming and other recreational activities. In addition to regular park hours, holiday schedule, special events such as concerts, fireworks shows and family fun days, there is also a children’s park, which is open twenty-four hours a day. This is another location that is often used by outlying residents of Englewood, New Jersey.

The Bixler Park features picnic tables, pavilions, playgrounds, and other amenities for a nominal fee. The facility is opened in May through October, while the rest of the year the park remains closed to the public. The park’s picnic tables and structures are made of wood, with paths and benches located on the grounds. Summer concerts at the park are usually held on Friday evenings, with musical entertainment provided by a DJ and special lighting effects for an extra Hollywood-like touch. During the summer, the park is also host to a skateboarding competition during the early morning hours.

One of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, or the NJPSC, is located in the heart of Englewood. With two large stages and two different smaller stages, the center provides for a variety of musical entertainment, from chamber music to opera. The town’s annual summer concerts, also held in the early morning hours, feature local musicians and musical groups as well as pop/rock bands. The park holds nine concerts throughout the summer, with music ranging from classical to rock.

One more popular park within Englewood is the City Hall Park. Though this park is not actually a part of the larger city, it does play a significant role as it is near the Cherry Street Bridge. This park features picnic tables, water fountains, playgrounds, basketball courts, and more. The majority of its games and activities are indoors. Summer concerts at the park are held in the early afternoon, while the late afternoon and evening festivities are held on weekends.

As a whole, the city parks in Englewood provide a safe and fun environment for residents. These outdoor structures allow residents to experience the charm of Englewood while spending some quality time with their family and friends. Whether it be for a day of sightseeing or a day of playing outside, there are many parks in Englewood to choose from.

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