City Parks in Waltham, MA

City Parks in Waltham Massachusetts is a great way to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity or recreational activity during your stay in the town of Waltham. City parks are places where you can go to relax, play in the sandbox, take a nice lunch or jog around a field. They also provide you with a place for families to get away from the loud noise of the outside world and commune in peaceful nature. If you live in or near Waltham, you will want to check out some of these great city parks.

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The oldest park in Waltham is Thomas Street Park, which is located between the intersection of Commonwealth Street and Boylston Street. This small park is perfect for strolling or jogging. The playground at the park has climbing structures, benches and picnic tables for children to use. At the end of each day, the park will re-load trash cans and remove grass. This is a wonderful amenity that most city parks do not offer.

The second oldest city park in Waltham is called Freedom Park. It is located between Commonwealth Avenue and Boylston Street. This park was built along the railroad tracks of Boston and provides a nice place for strolling or jogging. It is one of the few city parks that are open year round and does not charge admission. It is a nice place for families to come and bring the children while enjoying the lovely outdoors.

The third park is called South Waltham Farms Park. It is built on an eight-acre site and is located on the border between Waltham and West Springfield. This park offers a playground, multiple picnic tables, a swimming pool, tennis and other various activities for the children to enjoy. Many parents like to send their children here when they have off days from school as it offers a nice way to spend some time while being outdoors.

The fourth park is called Back Bay Park and is located between Commonwealth Avenue and Boylston Street. This park features numerous paths, wooded areas, ponds, and several pavilions that you can pay to visit. When you visit this park, you can observe the many varieties of birds and animals that pass through its many paths. You will also find climbing structures, a beautiful pond, and playgrounds for your children.

There are many other cities throughout Massachusetts that provide parks for children. Some of these include: Arlington, Dedham, Fox, Marlborough, West Springfield, Woburn, West Springfield, Dedham, Eastham, and Wollaston. City parks in Massachusetts are a great place for families to go and relax. The children can experience nature in the park, which helps them develop a healthy love for it. They also get to exercise in a fun and safe environment. When you go to visit any of these city parks, make sure you take the time to check out their wonderful scenery and breathtaking views.


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