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Clearwater Florida is the best place to go on vacation. Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Clearwater offers its visitors year-round fun. Clearwater Beach, a barrier island off the north coast of Florida, is an enchanting 3-mile strip of golden sand supported by restaurants and hotels. Among the attractions of Clearwater Beach is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, a three-acre tropical fish tank and a marine life rehabilitation center.

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One of the biggest draws for visitors to Clearwater is the Dolphin Encounter, an exciting interactive exhibit. A dolphin pod from the Bahamas is here for you to view and swim with. In addition to dolphin encounters, a dolphin show at the marine aquarium also provides great entertainment for the entire family. Also, in this attraction you can view several sea turtles in their natural habitat. At the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, injured sea turtles and injured dolphins are rehabilitated in their own private marine environment. The Dolphin Encounter and the marine aquarium are not only great attractions but they also offer educational experiences for the children. Children learn about animals and ocean ecosystems while enjoying the sights, sounds, and sounds of these magnificent animals.

For those who love golf, the Clearwater Florida Golf Club is here to please. This club is located on the beach at Clearwater Beach. If you do not feel like playing golf, you can just relax and enjoy the ocean views and the natural beauty of the beach. The clubhouse provides a variety of activities for the entire family. The club hosts water sports such as jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, parasailing, snorkeling, and jet ski rentals. As well as the above mentioned activities, there are many other indoor activities such as volleyball and tennis that the children and adults can participate in while enjoying the views of the ocean. If you have a family that doesn’t mind a little bit of exercise, take your kids to the Sea Life Aquarium, Clearwater Bay Park or the Clearwater Zoo.

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