Clearwater Florida history

Clearwater Florida is a busy city on the east coast of Florida, located on barrier islands off Tampa Bay, near the state capital of Tallahassee. Located on Tarpon Springs Island, it is one of the most populous cities on Florida’s east coast. The City has grown rapidly over the past several decades, due to the increase in tourism, and is now one of the largest cities in Florida. It’s also home to some of the best and most popular attractions in Florida.

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Clearwater Florida was founded in 1917 and has been named for Dr. William Gadsden “Clearwater” Gaines, who founded the city. The city was named after his wife and she was known as a woman who had no husband but children. The name came from the waters on which they roamed. Clearwater Beach, just a short barrier island off of Tarpon Springs Island, is a three-mile stretch of bright white sand backed with bars and restaurants. At its southern tip, a barrier reef makes Clearwater Florida one of Florida’s most beautiful barrier reefs.

The city of Clearwater Florida has an active aquarium and marine life research center, which is home to many exotic species of sea creatures. A dolphin rehabilitation facility at the Gulf Breeze Marine Center is the largest in the country. Many of the world’s most famous and unique species, such as the Great Egret, Dolphin, and Manatee, can be found in the Sea World Water Park, including the Shamu Stadium that features the world’s largest indoor dolphin show. A walking trail on the Everglades National Park has been added to the area, and a state park offers hiking, kayaking and other water activities, making Clearwater Florida one of the best places in the state to spend your vacation or leisurely getaway.

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