Clearwater Florida parks

Clearwater Florida is a beautiful city in the Tampa Bay region known for Gulf coast beaches and sunny weather. It is in fact home to many professional golfers as well as the world famous Clearwater Marine Aquarium and Tampa Bay Rays baseball team. Clearwater Beach, in a barrier island off the coast of Florida, is actually a three mile stretch of sandy beach backed with restaurants and hotels. Surrounded by a chain of barrier islands, it has become a popular tourist destination with tourists from all over the world. The Clearwater Beach pier, the beach, Clearwater National Park and the Clearwater Bay amusement complex are some of the attractions in this beautiful area.

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There are many places to see in Clearwater Florida. For example, Clearwater is home to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, one of the largest marine aquariums in the country. This aquarium houses hundreds of marine animals including sea turtles, sea birds and many marine life species, such as dolphins and Sea lions. Visitors are also able to experience the Clearwater Zoo, one of only two large marine mammal zoos in the entire country. This facility houses hundreds of exotic species of fish and animals. The Clearwater Aquarium also features an exhibit featuring live sea animals including dolphins and other marine life species.

While on vacation in Clearwater Florida, it is possible to see a variety of things and experiences. For example, there is the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Stadium which is home to the MLB baseball team. There is also the Clearwater Amphitheatre, a large indoor arena that features concerts and other events. If you are into surfing or boating, Clearwater also offers a number of boating and surfing spots.

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