Does Insurance Cover a Cracked Windshield?

Windshield replacement is a lot cheaper than paying for a new windshield. Windshields are made from toughened glass that is extremely durable. The windshields are tempered so they are less likely to break into pieces on impact. However if your windshield were to break into two pieces and become damaged, would the insurance cover the cost of the repairs? This article looks at this question and more.

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In most cases the insurance company will not cover a crack or chip. However there are a few exceptions. If the damage is caused by someone else’s negligence or wrong doing then it is likely the insurance company will pay for the repair. If you hit somebody else’s vehicle this could be considered an assault and your insurance company will pay for the damages. So this can be good news if it was your fault.


When you are driving you should always be aware of the road conditions and keep a check on your windshields. If you find chips or cracks in your windshield then it is important to report these to the insurance company as soon as possible. If you ignore them then there is a chance that they will continue to grow and you could end up having to have a large windshield replacement. Some insurance policies do cover damages that are caused by natural occurrences such as snow and rain so check if this is included in your policy before you contact the insurer. If it isn’t then you could end up having to pay for repairs out of your own pocket.


If your car gets broken into then you will need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Many people drive around with cracked windows and think that no insurance company will cover the damage. This is simply not the case. Even if your car is covered by a car insurance policy and the damage is not deemed to be your fault then the insurance company will still cover the cost of the repairs. The only thing is that they may put a small premium on top of what you already pay so it’s always best to be aware of what you are paying for.


Another reason why you should check with your car insurance company before you go out and buy a new windshield is because you could save money on the premiums. In fact, some insurance companies may offer you a hefty discount if you choose to add windshield glass to your existing policy. This is because the glass can add as much as $1500 to the cost of the policy. It is for this reason that you should always check with your insurance company. You never know whether they will actually give you a discount or not.


Not only will you receive a discount for having toughened glass but the insurance company will also give you discounts if you have safety features in your vehicle. Safety features such as air bags and anti-lock brakes can save you a lot of money. You should check with your insurer to find out if they offer any incentives for installing these things in your car. There may even be discounts available if your car has a security system which can prevent thieves from breaking in.


In some cases, you will be offered a discount if you agree to take and complete a defensive driving course. Most car insurance companies will offer you a reasonable discount if you agree to take a course. The reason why they do this is because they know that if you are less likely to be involved in a collision, you will be a safer driver. You should definitely consider taking a course as this could seriously lower the cost of your car insurance premiums. Even if it doesn’t lower them dramatically, you will be saving money that you would otherwise spend on repairs or possible damages to your vehicle.


If you’ve ever asked the question “Does insurance cover a cracked windshield? “, then you may be glad to learn that most insurance companies do in fact cover these expenses. However, you should still check with your car insurance company to make sure that you will be able to claim on your insurance policy in the event of a collision. If not, you may want to check into the price of glass repair for your next automobile.

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