Famous People From Cambridge, MA

There are a lot of famous people from Cambridge, Massachusetts who have left an impression on the world. Some of these famous people are Jim Morrison of The Doors, Richard Nixon, John Lennon and more. These people have made their mark on our society. Some of the places in Cambridge where famous people have lived or worked include:

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Though there are many famous people that lived and worked in this city, some of the most famous ones are Steve Jobs, Richard Nixon and John Lennon. All these three people are permanently linked with Cambridge, Massachusetts. They made their mark on our society when they came to live here. The first known famous person to come to this city was the French physician and inventor, Sir Francis Bacon.

Cambridge is known as the home of two Harvard professors, John Watson and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Another very famous person in this city is Charles Darwin. The birthplace of our modern-day scientist is situated in Cambridge. Famous people from this place include Josephine, Lord Northbourne, Roger Seward and Robert Holmes. These names along with many others have made this city what it is today.

Oliver Wendell Holmes was a famous author and printer. His life has been very colorful and has been written about in many books. Jim Morrison lived in this town for many years, as did Richard Nixon. In fact, many famous people from this city have also had famous things written about them in their biographies.

Though Cambridge, Massachusetts is a relatively new city, it has been around for a long time. The University of Massachusetts actually was founded here in 1626. It was founded by colonists seeking to establish an educational system closer to home. Cambridge is one of the best colleges in the country and offers a wide variety of programs. Famous people from this place are Edward Said, Herman Melville and John Kennedy.

Harvard University is another name that will always remind people of this famous campus. There are many famous people who graduated from this place including William Shakespeare. Harvard has a rich history and provides many opportunities for students. Other notable universities in Massachusetts include: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, and Brandeis University. All of these schools offer professional degrees and programs. Some famous people from this area include: Benjamin Franklin, Catherine Wheelock, James Madison, Henry Ford, William Dewey, Thomas Edison, William Monroe, and Edward Said.



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