Famous People From Malden, MA

Celebrities are everywhere these days. In the summer it is nice to have a pool so you can relax and soak up some rays. When the winter rolls around, you can go swimming and breathe in the fresh ocean air. But did you know that some of your favorite celebrities live in Malden, Massachusetts? This town is a tourist hot spot for many celebrities and residents alike because of its location and views of the ocean.

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Two of the most famous men in the world both hail from Malden. Tom Cruise owns a small private island called the Cruise Center which is just steps away from on yours. He also has a big villa on the beach there with many beautiful views of the ocean and the surrounding blue and green. His home is a place where many famous people spend their time relaxing and enjoying the view and to socialize with the other guests who come to stay at the Cruise Center.

Another celebrity who lives in Malden is John Turturro who also has a home in the area. John is a much loved and popular character on the television shows “When Harry Met Sally” and “How I Met Your Mother”. Many people in the crowd noticed John when he walked into a local club a couple of years ago. Because of his appearance and the way he acted, many thought he was a star. People who like the pictures of John Turturro in various poses can find pictures of him all over the Internet.

Celebrities can be found in all areas of life. You can find pictures of celebrities in their natural surroundings including shots of them while they are sunbathing and sometimes at other times when they are lying in their cottages. If you love surfing, you can find many great pictures of famous people riding waves. The beach is not only a relaxing place to get a tan, but it can also be a great place for pictures of famous people. When people go to Malden for a weekend, they want to find someplace that will capture pictures of them with family and friends and even pictures of the famous mountains located in the area.

One of the places in which you will be able to find pictures of many famous people in Malden is at the Museum of Local History. This museum houses many historical artifacts. The most prominent artifacts in this museum are the plaques given to members of the First Parish Congregations. These plaques are a collection of important people in Malden and the surrounding area. They have been compiled over the years based upon information about each individual and also about the community.

Anyone who loves history can take plenty of interest in the collection of the plaques. There is plenty of room to search for the pictures of famous people from Malden. These pictures can be displayed in many different locations throughout the house. Since the museum houses artifacts, you can find anything you want here.


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