Famous People From Paterson NJ

When you mention Paterson NJ, a few names pop into your head right away. Some of the most famous people that have lived in the area are John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, and singer Patti LaBelle. It seems as if there is always a new book about someone living or visiting this part of New Jersey. Paterson has even been the subject of a movie called “Catch Me If You Can” which is very interesting and tells the story of the fishing village that inspired many a song.

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One of the most famous celebrities in Paterson is John F. Kennedy. Many people are familiar with his name and what he did during his time in the White House. His legacy is well-known and his pictures are on lots of T-shirts and in front of Paterson shops. The fact that John F. Kennedy lived in Paterson for several years makes him an area’s famous celebrity. People that live in the area are quite familiar with this great man.

John Lennon was another huge star who lived in Paterson at one point. Many people know all about the famous “C” word from their childhood. That word is still used today and by many people in the world. It describes many different things including peace, love, and celebrity. People in the area give their daughters’ names that incorporate those three words to be close to their rock star father. John Lennon was a celebrity in his own right.

Everyone knows about John F. Kennedy. Everyone also knows about Patti LaBelle. These two famous people live in Paterson. Patti LaBelle lived in New Jersey City for many years before she came to New York. Her fame came about due to one film that was made about her marriage to Richard Nixon. She won six Academy Awards and became one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood.

Most famous people in Paterson include some of the more well-known celebrities from the city. People like Rod Serling, James Stewart, and Peter Lawford are just a few of those to name a few. Some famous people have their roots in Paterson. John Lennon’s birthplace is located right here. Bill Clinton is another celebrity that comes from this small town.

These are just a few of the famous people from Paterson that have become famous in their own right. In fact, they have become so famous that many of the people that lived in the small town now call it a celebrity city. One of the best parts about being a celebrity in Paterson is that you can see many famous stars from other cities. If you are trying to find a great celebrity to take pictures with or to just hang out with, you will have no problems. Paterson has become just that kind of place for famous people to call home.


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