Famous People From Sarasota, FL

There are many famous people from Sarasota Florida. Some of these famous people are John D’Amato, Earvin “The Dentist” Ford, Richard Nixon and Buddy Holly. All of these have contributed to the rich history and culture of Sarasota Florida. Some of these people where born and raised in Sarasota. Some have even left their childhoods to pursue their professions of choice.

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Some of the famous people that you may not be aware of are Jackie Lee, Richard Nixon and even George Steinbrenner. All three were born in Sarasota Florida and all three have contributed to our society in one way or another. Some famous celebrities that live in Sarasota are Jack Nicholson who is an actor. He is known for his dramatic roles in films. He is also known for hosting his own shows on television called The Tonight Show.

Some other famous celebrities that live in Sarasota are Cindy Sheehan, John Turturro, Tom Selleck and Barry White. These are just a few of the many well known individuals in Sarasota. You will find many more well known people who you may not know about. All of these have contributed to the rich culture and history of Sarasota Florida. Without these notable individuals in this state would not be the same.

There are also some famous people who you may not know about. These are the politicians that made Sarasota what it is today. These include Speaker of the House Tom Delay and Governor Bill McDonald. They are two leaders that made Sarasota what they are today. These two politicians were born in Sarasota Florida. They have been known for many things including their bravery in making their own political comeback.

If you want to learn more about some of the famous people from Sarasota Florida then you may want to do a little research on the internet. The world wide web offers a lot of information about everything. In fact it is better than your textbooks because you will never have to worry about finding the right source because there is so much information available to you right now.

One of the great things about doing research online is that you will be able to find out where these famous people got their start. This will allow you to get into the fun and excitement of learning more about the people that you are interested in. With a little research online you will find all of the famous people in Sarasota Florida that you could ever need to know. Remember, everyone has a little bit about them that you just have to discover. It will take a little time to get to know them but it can be well worth it.


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