Famous People From Saugus, MA

If you want to know about famous people in Saugus, you are going to have a lot to research. Some of the most famous are: Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Robert Kennedy, and Oprah Winfrey. The list continues to grow every day. You can look in the phone book or at the library and find all kinds of information about Saugus locals, their famous people, and all sorts of other interesting things.

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As already stated, Donald Trump is a celebrity, but does he also belong to the category of “famous people”? If so, then he must be doing something right, because his name is well known all over the world. Does he have any awards for any of the many things he’s won? He should have, because that shows he’s an achiever. And if he were to ever start talking about all of the television shows he’s done, then he could very well join the ranks of the famous people in Saugus.

All of the celebrities mentioned above are all from Saugus. They are all famous people in Saugus. And they each have, at one time or another, done many things that are notable. They’ve all been celebrities at one point or another.

So what are some of the other famous people in Saugus? Well, there’s Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, and later, an entrepreneur who founded Neutrogena. Bill Gates was also born in Saugus. Mark Twain is another famous Saugus resident, as well as J.M Barrack Obama, the former president of the United States. All three share some things in common with each other, and the list goes on.

There are many more famous people in Saugus. These are just a few that are well-known and well-respected. Saugus has had their share of famous people from other cultures and backgrounds. For example, there are Jesse Livermore, the state’s first lieutenant governor, and his wife, Ellenann. Or Jim Harrell, the first African American football player for the University of Southern Illinois.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out your pad and pen and take note of all the famous Saugus residents that you know. It may surprise you. Then you can start making lists! Or just look back and feel proud when you see the list of all the Saugus natives that you’ve come in contact with over the years.

It’s always good to keep old friends close, but sometimes it’s nice to meet new people too. So, what to do? Visit the local tourist attractions, enjoy the shops, visit the museums, or sit down at the edge of the harbor, kick back and enjoy the beautiful weather. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take note of all the beautiful people that you run into.

That should give you a great start. Visit your local county courthouse and look through its famous people and list them in your notebook. Keep adding names and you’ll soon have a complete list of all the famous Saugus natives that you know. If you have the time, gather all the information you can from your city library or from the internet. The list of famous people from Saugus will be right there.



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