Famous People From Waltham, MA

Some famous people from Waltham Massachusetts have left some very interesting legacies. Some were born in this town and grew up, while others like Author Ray Bradner spent their whole lives here. These famous people and places have all contributed to the town being a favorite tourist destination. Here are some of them.

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– Judge Thomas Hazard is said to have grown up in this town, and in fact grew up near the Hazard home. He was a famous court official and lawyer who were actually born in Waltham. His great son, Richard, went on to become a U.S. Senator. This family was extremely well-known during the 1800’s due to a fire that destroyed much of therial court house.

– The Waltham Bell was one of the most notable bells in all of America when it was a gift from King William. It is said that the town fathers took it with them when they left England, as they were crossing the ocean to settle in America. The bell still stands, and it has also been featured on several postage stamps. The town now has its own Bell Museum, which houses the actual bell. Even more interesting is that the United States Postmaster General’s office owns and operates the museum as well.

– John Locke is said to have grown up in this town, and is best known for his three TV shows, which were hugely popular in the USA. He grew up in Massachusetts, but later went to college in New York City. He wrote numerous novels about his time here, including One Hundred Greatest Americans. Locke resides in New Hampshire, where he runs a company today.

– John Paul Jones, one of our most famous American poets is from Waltham. He is best known for his verses about the American Revolution. Jones lived in Waltham most of his life and wrote extensively about his life here. Later in life, he became very ill and had to live in a France style prison for the remainder of his life.

– There are many more famous people from this area in the United States. These are just a few of the many that can be found in this area. There are literally hundreds of local people throughout all of these areas, who have become famous, and still live in the USA. These are just a few of the many famous people from the Old Country.


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