History of Belle Oak Villas a Neighborhood in Largo, FL

Belle Oak Villas, a neighborhood in Largo FL means “Beautiful Oaks Village,” is one of many neighborhoods that make up the city’s booming population. It has been here since the early 1970s and remains as an active residential area today.

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In fact, it was designed to be an upper middle class subdivision with houses on small lots. Belle Oak Villas consists of newly developed homes which are mostly single-family residences with two or more bedrooms. They range from $200k-$400k each but some can go all the way into the millions! The community also includes recreation centers such as playgrounds, gyms and pools for families to use together or even take classes at their leisure time like yoga or pilates if they’re looking for a more relaxing experience.

The history of Belle Oak Villas in Largo FL is one that has lived and thrived over the past 40+ years from its humble beginnings as an upper class subdivision with all single-family homes, to now having new developments offering multi-level townhomes or condos on smaller lots for those who want a little less maintenance. The community offers many amenities like playgrounds, gyms and pools which allow families to spend quality time together while enjoying themselves at their leisure time such as yoga classes if they’re looking for a break!