History of Brandeis a Neighborhood in Waltham, MA

The first settlers of the area were members of the Wamesit tribe. The land was purchased by William Stone in 1634 and was called Stone’s Farm until it became incorporated as a city on November 28, 1854.

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In 1775, General George Washington passed through Brandeis during his retreat from Boston following the Battle of Bunker Hill (and retook command of forces that had been routed at Lexington). It is said he rested under an apple tree near what is now Beacon Street for one hour before continuing to Manhattanville where he met with troops led by Charles Lee. There are two cemeteries in this neighborhood: One named Laurel Grove Cemetery which opened in 1848; and another unnamed cemetery established around 1943-1945 outside the Laurel Grove Cemetery fence line.

The original Waltham Watch Company, now a National Historic Landmark, was constructed in 1854 and is still operating today. The company’s landmark factory building has been abandoned since 2008; it will be demolished as part of the plans to develop the land into residential public housing units for low-income residents by 2018.

Today, Brandeis is a peaceful Boston suburb.