History of Caloosahatchee a Neighborhood in Cape Coral, FL

The history of Caloosahatchee has many ties to the Railroad. It was originally named after a Native American that had ruled over it and his tribe, but it changed when an engineer from the railroad company came up with its name during their surveying process. They found out that there were three lakes near by: Lake Okeechobee, Lake Istokpoga/Ichopogo (the largest), and Little Lake (or “Lake”). These names were then translated into English for easier understanding- Caleooshatcha became Caloosahatchee; Ichopogo became Istokpogia or just Istokpoga; and little lake or “lake” is now known as Lake Okeechobee.

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The railroad construction also brought in a lot of people to the area, which led to more towns being created and eventually they all joined together. Today Caloosahatchee is still an unincorporated part of Lee County Florida at the southern end of Cape Coral FL that borders Fort Myers on its north side- just minutes from shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals and much more! The population was around 12000 before it started growing rapidly because developers saw potential for growth here after Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in 1992: now its about 16500 residents who live here.