History of Cedarwood a Neighborhood in Waltham, MA

-The original estate on the current Cedarwood neighborhood was owned by John Stone until his death in 1887. His daughter inherited it and sold it to a Joseph Wible of New York City in 1898 for $14,000.

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This article should be about how these neighborhoods were formed or what they’re like now. It’s not clear from this sentence where else you want to go with the post yet though. If there are other ideas related to history around here that could work as well!

-In 1914, Mr William Haines bought an additional lot from Joseph Wible’s widow, then combined them with his own house at 47 Newton Street (built 1910) which he renamed Cedarwood Court after his wife’s family home in England.

This is a good start, but it’s not clear where you want to go with the post yet either! It would be nice if there was some information about what these neighborhoods are like now or how they were formed – for example: “These residential communities have been part of Waltham MA’s history since before its incorporation and continue to evolve as new generations move into them. Today, Cedarwood Court stands out among other nearby neighborhoods.