History of Central Square a Neighborhood in Cambridge, MA

Central Square is a neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was the last of three squares built on MIT’s campus and has two major streets running through it: Mass Ave (US-20) to the west and Broadway to the east.

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The area surrounding Central Square includes several colleges including Harvard University across Western Avenue; Radcliffe College from 1925 until its merger with Harvard in 1999, continuing as an educational institution under the auspices of Harvard University Law School; Emmanuel College just south of Western Avenue at Terrace Street; Lesley University along Everett Street near Boston Street which hosts Emerson Hall where Ralph Waldo Emerson lived for six years after moving out West Coast while constructing his philosophy system known today as transcendentalism. To the north lies East Somerville, a mainly residential area that gradually becomes more industrial as one heads north.

The neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts has many different neighborhoods to explore and enjoy! Central Square is an amazing place for students at the schools in this part of town to hang out or socialize with their friends on campus. One great thing about it is how easy it is to walk from school buildings such as Harvard University towards Broadway where there are plenty of shops and restaurants along the way!