History of Coburnville a Neighborhood in Framingham, MA

Coburnville is a neighborhood in Framingham, Massachusetts. Coburnville was originally part of the town of Natick and became its own village when it separated from that town on March 31, 1872. In 1893 there were 444 people living in this area with a schoolhouse situated at what is now “the corner” near Williams Pond Road and Millis Street.

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The first church to be built in the Village was erected by an Episcopal congregation on land donated by Ferdinand Stone; however, due to insufficient funds for construction costs they sold their property back to Dr. Stone who then decided he would build his family homestead where he had planned that church building to stand while keeping ownership rights over much of the surrounding acreage.

In 1892, Coburnville was annexed by Framingham. The population in the Village stood at 300 people and there were 15 businesses operating within its boundaries at that time.

The name of this neighborhood comes from a family named Cobb who lived on Williams Pond Road near what is now Millis Street during the 1800s. They had an apple orchard where they grew many different varieties of apples including Baldwin which became popular for eating raw with cream after it was discovered to have not been affected by a disease called “scab” prevalent across East Coast apple growing regions during those times.

Today, Coburnville is the area in Framingham where a large number of middle-sized, well-kept houses are located.

The Village of Coburnvile was first settled by European immigrants from England and Ireland who were looking to find work on farms and as shoemakers. The Cobb family lived here for many years with an apple orchard nearby that grew apples like Baldwin which became popular eating raw with cream after they found out it had not been affected by a disease called “scab” prevalent across East Coast apple growing regions at the time. Today, this neighborhood has many Middle sized homes that are well kept inside and outside.