History of College Park a Neighborhood in Orlando, FL

College Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Orlando. The neighborhood has a rich history and was home to some very famous people, including Walt Disney’s son-in-law Bill Blackbeard who recently passed away.

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This neighborhood has been around since 1924 when it contained many orange groves as part of an experiment by the Highland Growers Association to grow oranges year round instead of only during winter because temperatures were cooler at night then than they are now. As time went on, more residential areas developed which led the city to rename this area from “Orlando Groves” to “College Park” in 1928. The name was changed because College Park had been the city’s first subdivision for homes and Orlando Groves didn’t sound right at that point anymore.

In 1935, Walt Disney’s father Elias bought a small house on what is now known as Blackbeard Boulevard (named after Bill). His sister-in-law lived next door with her family, including Walt Disney himself who grew up here from age four to 18 years old when he left Florida entirely for California. As mentioned before, this neighborhood has been home to many famous people over the years such as actress Betty Grable and Major League Baseball player Stan Musial among others.

Today there are more than 300 houses in College Park, which is a mix of both older homes and new construction.