History of Eastside a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

The Eastside neighborhood in Paterson NJ is a residential area for most of the citizens on this side. One can visit many different cultures here, along with some historic places from our past that have been preserved and restored to their former glory.

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This section has a population density of 1259 people per square mile which is higher than the rest of Paterson’s neighborhoods at 102 inhabitants per sq mi but not as high as other parts of New Jersey like Hoboken which boasts 2417/sq mi or Weehawken Heights with 2571/sq mi. There are also various transportation options throughout these streets including bus lines on every major street and train station one block away from all homes for those who do not drive cars. The water quality rating for this area is a C, which means that it’s not an excellent rating but also isn’t as bad as some other areas in New Jersey.

Located just west of the Ironbound neighborhood and south of the Westside Paterson NJ neighborhoods is where you will find Eastside. This was originally developed by George F Street who had previously been involved with developing Woodland Park in 1868 on what was then considered to be the outskirts of town. He hired architect Clarence Hutton (of Hoboken fame) and civil engineer Horatio G Ward to design streets for his development in 1870, giving them instructions such as “to do so without interfering with my property”. The plan they created covered 25 acres at 23rd avenue between Main street and Mill street.

The Eastside of Paterson, NJ used to be a self-contained community with its own library and school. It still is today as it has its own identity separate from the rest of Paterson.

Eastside may not seem like much but it was so important in the development of one city’s history that should never be forgotten.