History of Edgeworth a Neighborhood in Malden, MA

The Edgeworth neighborhood of Malden, MA was originally called Woodland. The land that became the first part to be settled in this area had been purchased by Daniel Ayer on November 27, 1680 when he described it as a “large tract of land”, and its boundaries were defined as “beginning at a small tree near Cambridge line and so running down along side of said river towards Medford until you come unto Plum Tree Pond.” (Quincy p. 199-200) It then came about through an agreement between Mr. Ayer and his son Nathaniel, known today as Edgeworth Road, which ran from Concord Street up past Washington Square all the way to Brighton Line where there is still preserved one old section of the Edgeworth Road, which is now called Washington Street.

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The road going from Concord Square up to Brighton Line became known as “Ayer’s Path” and was later renamed for Nathaniel Ayer-Edgeworth in 1869 when it was cut through Malden Center (Quincy p. 200). The area around this path would then come to be known as Woodland with its center being at what came to be known as “Woodward Hill”. At that time there were many scattered homes throughout the land of wooded hills along riversides or on high ground near streams.”