History of Englewood Cliffs a Neighborhood in Englewood, NJ

-Established in the late 19th century with a population of about 12 people

-The first post office opened in 1887 and was called Englewood Landing, but it closed by 1903. It would open again after WWII as Englewood Cliffs Station. The name change came from its location at the cliffs on the Palisades overlooking lower Manhattan across the Hudson River to New York City. In 1996, residents voted to change back to “Englewood.”

Windshield Replacement Englewood NJ

During World War II many African Americans fled North Carolina for better economic opportunities in New Jersey including towns like Englewood NJ which had an established black community before 1944 when blacks were restricted access to military bases unless they lived nearby. By 1952 there were over a dozen churches for black families in Englewood and the surrounding area.

-In 1955, Englewood NJ established its first public library branch which was originally located at 120 West Palisade Ave. The building is now occupied by a different business (as of 2017).

-The community has historically been mostly white with some ethnic diversity due to immigrants from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana or other Caribbean countries moving into areas between 1953 and 1968 to work in the Oil industry as well as Jewish people who immigrated from Russia during WWII. It also had African American residents because of New York City’s subway system that stopped here on their commute home after working until 1964 when segregation ended within trains but not platforms.”