History of Paterson, NJ

A history of Paterson NJ is a community rich in tradition and culture. The Garden State Parkway is one of the most treasured journeys of a Patersonian. As a result, it is often referred to as a small country by many people. Paterson is actually a smaller than average town that is centered upon the Passaic River.

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This small town is located in the Heartland of New Jersey, which makes it the home to numerous historic landmarks and museums. One of the largest historically significant places in Paterson is the borough of Paterson. It was here that the American Revolutionary War took place. If you are looking for a great place to bring the family or just want to go on an enjoyable journey, then a trip to this historic destination would truly be rewarding.

A history of Paterson NJ is the true history of this town. The people of Paterson have always valued their individuality and freedom. This is evidenced by the fact that over a hundred of FREE historical sites can be found within the city! If you love history, this is the town for you! You can experience the rich history of this amazing city with the help of Paterson NJ Hotels.



5 min
0.7 mile

via Essex St and Summer St

Best route, despite the usual traffic

5 min
0.8 mile

via Market St

5 min
0.8 mile

via 16th Ave

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