History of Golden Triangle a Neighborhood in Framingham, MA

The Golden Triangle is a name given to the area between Pond Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Framingham. The triangle encompasses most of the West side from Concord Road, down Main Street, along Bay Road, all the way over into Otter River Drive.

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It’s one of many neighborhoods that make up this bustling city in Eastern Massachusets. Originally known as “Pond Village”, 18th century farmers named it because they had easy access to water for crops and animals through Smiths Creek which ran southward (toward Boston). In 1747 when Framingham was incorporated by act of Parliament as a market town with its own charter under Governor Shirley; Pond Village became part of what we know today as Framingham Center or Old Towne Commons.

In the late 19th century, a paper mill was built in what is now Concord Road. In 1894, this became the first section of Framingham to have electric lighting through General Electric Company (today known as GE). This part of town would eventually be nicknamed “The Golden Triangle” because it had easy access to railroads and highways that helped turn it into an industrial center for commerce and manufacturing. The golden triangle also encompasses some of Framinghams homes with beautiful architecture like those found on Middlesex Avenue or along Otter River Drive. Today, Framingham is home to more than 65,000 people.


Nowadays, there are many great restaurants located throughout the neighborhood including Homemade Gourmet Pizza; Teriyaki Samurai; Café Mediterranean Bistro.