History of Little Italy a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

The Italian immigrants in Paterson started settling down on the West Side of Main Street after being moved from a camp by the immigrant inspection station at Castle Garden, and then moving to Broadway. The first business opened was an ice cream stand that became one of many confection stores along this central strip neighborhood.

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This is where we can find some wonderful bakeries like Bianco’s Bakery which has been around for over 100 years made its name known as “the birthplace of panettone” or Lombardi’s Pie Shop that is famous for their ricotta pie. This area also houses other ethnic restaurants such as Filippo’s Ristorante, Nuova Villa Toscana & Trattoria Giuseppe.

The Italians were mostly factory workers and their families but they also worked in the construction of Paterson’s many mills. The immigrants from Italy brought with them some culinary traditions that are still celebrated on Arthur Avenue today like cannoli, zeppoles (fried dough) or pizza which is usually a Friday night tradition for Italian-Americans all across America. Not only do you get to taste these foods, but every year there is a festival dedicated to them called “La Festa di San Gennaro” right here on Broadway where you can find delicious food such as sausage sandwiches, fried macaroni & cheese balls.