History of Little Lima a Neighborhood in Paterson, NJ

An early Paterson neighborhood, Little Lima is named after the popular South American dish. This tiny community is bordered by Park Avenue on the north and its length extends from Broadway in the west to Maryland Street in the east. The eastern side of this area was originally part of a large tract that ran all the way up to Highland Avenue; however, it has been divided into parcels since then.

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The development of houses for working class families can be seen throughout this section as many different styles were used over time, including Victorian homes with some nicely preserved examples still present today. One interesting feature here is an old school building which now serves as storage space for one homeowner’s business before it became derelict and vacant again. Now, the building is being used by a performance artist who exhibits his work.

The community of Little Lima has long been home to immigrants from Latin America and their descendants, with many families living here for generations. It’s one area where you can find people speaking Spanish as well as English in


this diverse part of Paterson NJ that continues today.