History of Maitland FL

The town of Maitland is located in west-central Florida, and was incorporated on December 12th, 1881. The town has a population of about 17,800 people. It’s the county seat for Orange County with the courthouse being centered right where you can’t miss it – literally!

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Maitland FL came into existence because of the construction on railroad tracks connecting Orlando to Sanford in 1883-84; however that still doesn’t explain why they called this place “Maitland.” Some speculate it was named after an early settler from Massachusetts by the name of Henry W. Maitland while others believe its namesake might be George Sangerfield Maverick who served as Secretary Treasurer or Wayne County during Reconstruction.

Regardless of how the town was named, it has been a great location for many different industries that have come and gone over the years; including citrus groves, cattle ranches, peanut farms, turpentine distilleries and even phosphate mines. The population boomed during World War II when more than 300 people were employed at the local electric power plant which operated 24 hours per day to meet increased demands on electricity. Today Maitland FL is home to major corporations such as Darden Restaurants (parent company of Olive Garden), UPS Supply Chain Solutions – Central Region Headquarters and CVS Pharmacy distribution center which employ thousands of workers in Orange County.