History of Mariner a Neighborhood in Cape Coral, FL

Mariner is a neighborhood in Cape Coral FL. Mariner is located on the east side of Del Prado Blvd, to the south and north are Santa Barbara Pines (north) and Cascades Park (south).

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The majority of this community has homes with three bedrooms/ two bathrooms from 1169-1349 square feet arranged over one level or split levels up to 2922 square meters that were built between 1989-1998. The community offers amenities such as playgrounds, pool areas, walking paths for fitness enthusiasts. They offer basketball courts & soccer fields too!

Most of the streets in Mariner are named after notable people from Florida history.

The first person is John Gorrie, an inventor and physician who helped develop ice boxes to help preserve food which led to new medicines for tuberculosis patients. His street is called Dr. John A.Gorrie St., next up was James “Jimmie” Durante – a famous singer & entertainer with his namesake street Jimmie Durante Way; Amelia Earhart’s favorite spot on earth before she became a pilot: her namesake road soars high above Del Prado Blvd-Amelia Earhart Rd.; George Eatherly invented the electric guitar, another avenue that honors this resident of Cape Coral FL- George Eatherly Ave.; and the last street in Mariner is for a woman, Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe- author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin which helped abolish slavery as she wrote about her fight to end slavery and rights for women; so named after this great American Hero, Harriet Street.