History of North Arlington a neighborhood in Lyndhurst, NJ

The history of North Arlington – a neighborhood in Lyndhurst NJ, dates back to the 1600s. The community had been largely agricultural up until the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when it quickly transformed into a residential area with many suburban-style homes being built during this time period.

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Today, there are still plenty of open fields located throughout the region as well as modern neighborhoods filled with both families and young professionals who enjoy its close proximity to New York City without any of the big city hassles.

In 1686, John Barclay bought 400 acres from Governor Dongan for £400 (North Arlington is now comprised of over 500 acres). In 1701 he sold 100 acres on which was built an Episcopal church, the third in Bergen County.

Today North Arlington is filled with close to 30 public parks and recreational areas as well as three golf courses – a handful of tennis courts, four basketball courts, an ice skating rink for all seasons and even two skateboard parks. It’s also home to Lyndhurst Municipal Complex where residents can enjoy numerous arts programs year-round including theater productions by members of The Rocks Theatre Company; workshops exploring various types of dance; art exhibitions showcasing work from local artists; music concerts performed indoors or on the front lawn stage overlooking Van Vorst Park.