History of North Saugus a Neighborhood in Saugus, MA

The history of North Saugus, Massachusetts begins in 1635 when John Winthrop and a group of Puritans established the community. Originally called “Tything,” this was one of the earliest settlements on what is now American soil. The town’s residents were mostly farmers who raised cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens along with some crops like corn or wheat.

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North Saugus has had its share of tragedies over centuries including fires that resulted from lightning strikes in 1906 and 1922; an explosion at Philbrick Westinghouse Company plant on April 27th , 1947 which killed forty-two people; Hurricane Carol back in 1954 where sixty homes were destroyed by tidal waves as well as many other unfortunate events such as smallpox epidemics and railroad accidents.

The community has also experienced its fair share of growth and change over the years, including the construction of Route 128 in 1950 which is now a major transportation corridor as well as an economic engine for Massachusetts; Saugus Union Free School District consolidating with Lynnfield’s school district back on November 17th 1958 to form Northshore Regional School Department (NRSD) that serves students from grades preschool through 12th grade today.

North Saugus continues to be home for many residents who enjoy living in this charming town where they can walk down Main Street or take their dog out without having to worry about traffic – it seems like time stands still here!