History of Oakland Vale a Neighborhood in Saugus, MA

Oakland Vale is a neighborhood in the town of Saugus, Massachusetts. The neighborhood was originally named South Eastonville after its first settler John Ward and used to be part of the village known as Eastonville.[citation needed] Oakland Vale gets it’s name from an oak tree that once stood on what would become Auburn Street near where it intersected with Pleasant Street.

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The oak tree had apparently been imported by Nathaniel Russell who settled in the area prior to 1790. In 1894 when Boston & Maine Railroad planned their line through his property he was offered $500 for every acre but declined because they didn’t offer him enough land to build a new house elsewhere and so he cut down the old oak tree and moved it to his new property, where it stood until a storm in the 1930s blew down most of what was left.

Nathaniel Russell also owned land on the east side of Pleasant Street stretching from Oakland Vale Road to just shy of Harvard Avenue which is now called Laconia Farms south of Eastonville.]

Oakland Vale has been home to many industries including paper mills, piano workshops, cider mills and more recently some light manufacturing companies. The neighborhood once had its own train stop at Haverhill Street which closed in 1887 due to lack of use.