History of Palm Hill a Neighborhood in Largo, FL

Palm Hill is a neighborhood in Largo FL. The community was first established by James Edward Kiers and his wife Anna Watkins Anderson Kiers, who purchased the property on which Palm Hill now stands from John Riggs Baldwin for $20 an acre on March 20th 1892.

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This area of southwest Florida had been given its name because it reminded people of palm trees. This naming convention was very popular among early settlers to this region of Florida as they would call their communities after what looked familiar or interesting to them in order not to be completely lost in unfamiliar territory.

There is much history tied to Palm Hill and its founders. The economic boom that occurred during the 1940s in America had a lasting effect on Palm Hill as many people moved here for work, drawn by jobs at aerospace or defense companies such as General Electric and Lockheed Martin (which occupied an area now known as University Park). The end of World War II also brought new residents to Palm Hill with veterans returning from Europe, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world.