History of Paradise Island a Neighborhood in Largo, FL

The history of Paradise Island a neighborhood in Largo FL, is one that goes back to 1896. That was when the land for this community was carved out by an entrepreneur named Frank Devine and his wife Selma Robbins. They were looking for new real estate opportunities, but they saw potential here.

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What made it so attractive? The location! It’s near Clearwater Beach; just south of Tampa Bay on Florida’s west coast. With its temperate climate and beaches nearby, plus all the other amenities offered by living in such close proximity to everything you need or want from life – schools, shopping, entertainment — Paradise Island has always been popular with families who cherish their free time together like nothing else.

Paradise Island is a community in Largo, FL. It was one of the first communities that began development on this side of Tampa Bay and it has been popular with families since its inception. In 1896, Frank Devine purchased land for Paradise Island where he saw potential to develop what would become an attractive location due to close proximity to Clearwater Beach and all the amenities offered by living near everything you need or want from life.