History of Rutherford a Neighborhood in Lyndhurst, NJ

Rutherford, NJ is a town unincorporated community located in Lyndhurst Township. Rutherford was the site of an early Dutch settlement known as “Vliedorp” or “Flatbush.”

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The village became part of the Towne of Saddle River and later renamed for Sir Peregrine (Pereigne) FitzRoy, Earl of Euston and Baronet who served with distinction during European wars before his untimely death at age 27 from injuries sustained while hunting wild boar on Deuwijk Island near Jakarta in 1817.

Today, the neighborhood is a quiet, peaceful residential area with many homes of historical significance. One such home was built about 1702 by Johannes Hardenberg who immigrated to New York from Holland in 1662 as an indentured servant and became one of the wealthiest men on Staten Island at that time. His son John inherited his father’s farm and eventually bought land for him in what would be identified today as Rutherford NJ where he constructed “Hardenbergh” – or Home place of Hardenberghs on the Flatbush Road (today called Park Avenue).