History of Tenafly a Neighborhood in Englewood, NJ

Tenafly is a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey.  It occupies an area of about . As of the 2010 United States Census, Tenafly’s population was 13,989 people living in five neighborhoods within its borders: Brownsville (25%), Englewood (18%), Tuxedo-Gramercy Park East(16%), Upper Saddle River Valley.

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Tenafly was formed on April 29, 1894 from portions of Harrington Township and Palisades Township. The borough’s name comes from “Tene” or “Tiene”, the Dutch word for ‘a point’ or ‘pointed object’, and “Afle,” meaning watercourse, creek or small river in English. A map showing Tenafly during colonial times can be seen here

The first people to settle in what is now known as Englewood NJ were Native Americans who belonged to the Lenni Lenape tribe . They lived primarily near a major waterway called the Hudson River which used to be located at where Route 288 currently sits today. Because this area had fertile soil that could sustain farming they became one of the first Native American groups to adopt a sedentary, or permanent way of life. In contrast with their nomadic hunter-gatherer ancestors who followed food sources seasonally.

The Dutch were some of the earliest European settlers in Englewood NJ and built farms on hillsides overlooking Tenafly’s (then) southernmost area. The Dutch word for these ridges was “tena” or “tiene”, which is where Tenafly gets its name from today.