History of Totowa, NJ

History of Totowa New Jersey, just north of Secaucus and just east of Maspeth is the small town of Totowa. John Johnson was a well known American abolitionist, merchant, doctor and businessman who is said to have built the first two churches in New Jersey, one of them a free black church. This history is highlighted by the fact that the first white company in New Jersey was started here. Johnson built the Union Mills Company, which still exists to this day.

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History of Totowa includes the fact that it was the filming of the civil war movie, “A Lincoln Never Slept”. In this movie two Civil War heroes are honored by having a luncheon and sharing a cup of coffee with the towns resident and newspaper editor. The Civil War happened in Totowa at that time. Two hundred and fifty years ago another famous movie was made in this town and that was “The Deerhunter”. A movie version of the events of the civil war was made as a biopic starring Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner.

One interesting fact about this town is that it is on the State Flag Day. It is also known as the birthplace of the song, “The Rainbow Connection” by American Indian musicians. For the past sixty years this town has been celebrating its rich heritage with an annual heritage festival. The town has been celebrating this festival with musical Performances and workshops, art exhibits and historical tours.

This town is also very proud of their twenty-threeth Infantry Division Memorial. The memorial honors the soldiers of the First Independent Army of the United States of America, who died in action in the Civil War in Totowa, New Jersey. This division was made up of seventy-two soldiers who were from the state of Massachusetts. At the time this division was stationed at Monmouth County.

You can see that the history of the town is rich in Military Tribute and it is filled with the history of Monmouth County, New Jersey. When you visit this town, you should take the time to tour all the different historical sites. There are many historical sites throughout this amazing town. Some of the sites include: The Monmouth Historic Site, Monmouth Village, Old Fort Hacket, The Preserve of Monmouth County, The American Indians Golf Links and Fish Hatchery, The Augustana Historical Society, The Augustana College, The New Jersey Academy of Science, The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, The Catacombs of Ashford, The Monmouth Historic Site, The City of New Jersey Historical Society, The Hamilton Place and much more!


To see all that this town has to offer you, there are numerous different places you can go to. The best part about this history is that there are still plenty of exciting activities and things to do here. In this town you can get to participate in the Historic Free Dining Period, Take a Cruise at Fish Hatchery Island, or take a Train ride across New Jersey. No matter what your interests are, you will be able to find something to do in this unique New Jersey town!




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