History of Waltham, MA

The History of Waltham Massachusetts is an interesting place to visit. If you enjoy history and visiting old towns then this place is for you. Waltham was first settled by Heman Ely. This was a well kept secret until the 1980’s when one of the descendants of Mr. Ely began telling his story. His book was entitled: History of Waltham: A Tourist’s Guide to Waltham, Massachusetts, 1776-Present.

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In this book he tells of the Pilgrims who settled in Waltham. It was a time when there were very few stores in the area because the Native Americans lived there. They were not into farming or anything along that line, so they sold their goods by weight. This eventually led to the conversion of this area into a market town. Many items were sold by weight during this time. Eventually Waltham became a well planned city with a good amount of commerce going on as well.

The History of Waltham Village is full of interesting history about the early settlers and what they did to help the community. You learn about the hardiness of the people of the village as well as how they dealt with diseases. In addition, you learn about how hardy they were as well. You will also find out where the Village was located, what happened after it was established, where the first post office was, where the first school house was, and other interesting facts that were recorded in this interesting little history book.

Many people have enjoyed reading this book because it is very educational as well. It is interesting to read about how these settlers made such a move. It also is educational for students learning about history. As many students will discover, this book offers a great deal of information about what happened in Waltham Village throughout its history.

This is an enjoyable book to read. It tells all the interesting details of the early days as well as what they did to help the community. It is very well organized and easily readable. In addition to the well-organized pages, the photographs are clear and beautiful. They are pictures that show many different scenes of Waltham Village.

This is a must have for anyone who lives in Waltham Village or has visited. Anyone who wants to know more about the history of Waltham Village should definitely have this book. It is not just another story about a location that someone wants to visit. It is a story that shows how these people lived through the ages and what they did for a living. There are many things that people can learn by learning about the history of Waltham Village.



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